About us

Since 2009, Argos Nautic founder and president Ignacio Vadillo has led a talented team of engineers, naval architects and renowned designers to develop a line of semi-custom luxury RIB yacht tenders for yacht owners across the globe.
As a yacht owner himself, Ignacio saw the need for a new concept in luxury tenders that would serve and complement the world’s most exclusive yachts, providing their owners years of enjoyment on the water.
Built by hand, each Argos Nautic tender uses premium materials and the most exclusive accessories. They are the perfect balance of elegance, quality and strength.
People choose Argos Nautic because it provides the ability to create a tender that’s truly one of a kind. Whether it’s matching the color and texture of the mothership it serves for a seamless yachting experience or the latest style trends, each boat becomes as unique as its owner.
Argos Nautic’s mission is to continually innovate to provide yacht owners with the most prestigious, comfortable and visually stunning luxury yacht tenders available.